The visit of AF Harrold is not just kid's play

The visit of AF Harrold is not just kid's play
AF Harold

If you have a child at primary school you've probably heard of author, poet and perfromer AF Harrold, but the Festival is setting out to show his talents to a more grown up audience too.

His Fizzlebert Stamp series of books are wildly popular, and as part of the Festival's outreach to young people, he is appearing at two separate sessions with local year 6 children.

The Festival is also hosting an evening with AF Harrold, to give people a chance to experience some of his work that is aimed at adults.

His website says 'Although AFH doesn't do many events for grown ups these days, he still tends to go where he's invited (if the money is right), faces the direction he is asked to face and reads poems for the correct length of time. Sometimes he talks more than he poems. Sometimes he sings a song(ish) instead of talking. Sometimes he is funny. Sometimes he is serious. Sometimes he dances. Sometimes he shows a picture of his cats."

Whatever he does perform on June 19, it's bound to be entertaining.

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